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St. Anthony's Catholic Church Windows

 The Church and the Community

Each window in St. Anthony's Catholic Church represents a different element of the community or the church. The windows were the inspiration of the building committee and Fr. Robert Bond, the last Glenmary Mission Priest to serve our parish. The Glenmary Brothers in Cincinnati, Ohio made these one-of-a-kind, uniquely, beautiful windows.

Medical Community

Represents the Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, and Healing

Mining Community

Coal Mining, Coal Miners, and the Coal Resources of the Community

Education Community

Knowledge, Education, Educators, and Schools

Religious Community

Hour Glass and Anchor For the Religious

Priests, Sisters, and Lay People of the Church

Church and Religion Community

Chalice and the Host, Holy Communion, the Lily for Purity

Working Community

Laborers, Communication Workers, Seamstresses

Heart and Geography Community

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Trail of the Lonesome Pine

Home and Family Community

Families, Homemakers, Caretakers, and Cooks