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Mission of Holy Trinity Parish Cluster

Mission of the Holy Trinity Cluster and Churches

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The Mission of Our Churches and Our Parish Cluster

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The Trinity Cluster of Southwest, VA

Holy Spirit of Jonesville, VA

As a Faith Community within the mountains of Southwest Virginia, we know that we are richly blessed. We embrace our responsibility to be the Body of Christ as rooted in the tradition of the early
Church. We welcome all to join our family: to worship God, to  nurture one another, and to seek peace and justice as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Recognizing that we are citizens of a Global Community, we commit ourselves to the preservation of the environment and life in all its diverse forms.

Sacred Heart of Big Stone Gap, VA

St. Anthony's of Norton, VA

The Mission of St. Anthony's Catholic Church, in Norton, VA, The Trinity Cluster of Southwest VA, and our mission church St. Mary's Church, in Coeburn, VA and its Parish Council is to glorify God by actively co-operating with the Holy Spirit in elevating all aspects of our community, and shared humanity to the image and likeness of Christ.

Under the care of our Blessed Mother and with the patronage of St. Anthony, of Padua, Our Parish seeks to build a vibrant and welcoming Christian Catholic community, To achieve our mission we have an active, and reverent participation in the liturgical worship. We strive to become better informed about our Catholic faith and seek to be formed in that faith.

Furthermore, we shall promote greater commitment among ourselves to make God's righteousness and peace evident in both our local and global societies, by sharing our time, talent and treasure with our neighbor and by being open to dialogue with members of other religions.

St. Joseph's of Clintwood, VA

Eternal God, You have called us to be a faith family under the patronage of St. Joseph. Under the direction of your Holy Spirit we accept the responsibility, both individually and communally, to spread the Kingdom of your Son, Jesus Christ, for your honor and glory. It is our aim, through our living union with Christ to proclaim the Word of Salvation to others and to better the temporal order through witness to Christ in our daily lives. We are a family in faith through your unconditional love, poured out by your Holy Spirit. In the exercise of that faith, people see Christ. Each of us has the right and also the duty, to use the unique spiritual, human and material gifts you have given us in both the church and the world for the common good of all.


  1. Provide an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and love to enhance the worship and fellowship of our community.

  2. Share the richness of our Catholic faith with those of other faiths and grow in understanding of our common faith experiences through joint prayer, worship, and study in a shared community action.

  3. Increase awareness among community members of the need to respond generously to those in need.

  4. Provide our youth with an environment conducive to Christian living

  5. Create awareness as to the needs and opportunities in pursuing church vocations.

  6. Promote good stewardship with all our resources both personal and communal.

  7. All this we pledge, with the commitment of our lives, through your grace and power.