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The Sisters of the Poor Servants

About The Poor Servants of the Mother of God

In 1869, by Mother Magdalene Taylor, the Poor Servants of the Mother of God were founded. The Poor Servants of the Mother of God are a Catholic Religious Congregation. The order maintains health services in the United States, England, and Ireland. Providing care, educational, religious, and health services in the United Sates of America, Europe, Africa, and S. America. Mission The mission of The Poor Servants of the Mother of God, is to bring compassionate, quality, health care, services to those in need and to alleviate pain and suffering. Recognizing the dignity of all persons, the Sisters provide services that contribute to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of those they serve. Guided by their values and with a responsibility to the communities they serve, they aim to provide health care that is high quality, cost effective, and prevention focused. In 1948, The Norton Clinic, was a 48-bed hospital on Virginia Ave, in Norton, Va. and was owned and operated by Noah & Trula Short. The Short's decided to sale the clinic. The Glenmary Priests came to Norton in 1945. The Priests knew that the Catholic Sisters would do an excellent serving not only operating the Hospital, but with the under privileged and the poor in the area. St. Mary's Convent and  Poor Servants Web Site



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Our Irish Sisters

They Healed our wounds,

They birthed our children,

They made us laugh,

They shared their hearts,

They lived their Irish Blessings!

Kenya Mission of the Poor Servants

One of the best charities on the planet is the Kenya Mission that was started by Sr. Gabriella, SMG. Kenya Mission To send donations to --- Poor Servants of the Mother of God -- Sr. Gabriella, SMG Project, the Kenya Mission - click this link and print the address.

The Sisters

2002 Sr. Bridie (Imelda Joseph), Sr. Gabriella Hogan, Sr. Julia Dennehey,

Sr. Mary Coughlin, and Sr. Loretta O'Connor

The Poor Servants Serving Norton and Wise County

Fr. Joseph Dean heard of the Irish Sisters who had recently come to High Point, North Carolina to operate a Nursing Home. Fr. Dean sent a letter to the Mother Superior telling her about the hospital in Norton and the need for the Sisters to take it over. Sr. Mary Patrice felt it would be an opportunity for the Poor Servants of the Mother of God to operate their first hospital in the USA. She consulted the Head Superiors in the Motherhouse in London, England. After investigating the situation and making the decision, Srs. Mary Patrice and Anne Christina O'Sullivan came to Norton. They met with Fr. Joseph Dean, Attorney Joseph Kuczko and Dr. & Mrs. Short.

1979 - Sisters in service at St. Mary's Hospital.

Front - Sr. Mary Fintan, Sr. Agnes Gabrielle, Sr. Susan McGrath, and Sr. Loretta O'Connor Back - Sr. Mary Columbkille, Sr. Julia Dennehy, Sr. Cecilia Kelly, & Sr. Anne Christina

The decision was made; the Sisters of The Poor Servants of the Mother of God would take over the hospital. Archbishop Swint of Wheeling, in whose Diocese Norton was located, was consulted and he was very much in favor of the purchase. The Diocese loaned the Sisters the money to buy the hospital. Srs. Mary Patrice and Anne Christina stayed on to work in the hospital. The other pioneer Sisters were Srs. Agnes Concepta, Mary Fintan, Mary St. Finian (Kathleen Clarke), Mary Colette and Rose Carmel.


The Values of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God

bullet Following the example of Christ, the Sisters serve the people. bullet Compassion enables the Sisters to be a healing presence. bullet The Sisters strive for excellence in every aspect of health care. bullet The Sisters treat the whole person, body, mind, spirit, and family. bullet The Sisters ministry combines their best and Christ's healing to those they serve. bullet The Sisters treat everyone with equal reverence and respect.