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Norton Clinic - St. Mary's Hospital

Appalachia Independence, Thursday, August 5, 1948

Catholic Sisters Purchase Norton Clinic

NORTON, VA, 1948 - The Norton Clinic was purchased by a group of Catholic Hospital sisters on Saturday, July 24. The hospital will be known as Norton Clinic, Incorporated, but within the coming months the name will be changed to St. Mary's Hospital. It will be a non-­stock, non-profit institution. Sister Mary Colette is in charge and is accompanied by two other sisters for the present; with three more, to come during the month of August. Sister Anne Christina and Sister Rose Carmel are registered nurses and are veterans in hospital work.

In an interview with the new owners, it was stated that the hospital be conducted without discrimination to race religion or nationality. At present, there is a 50-bed capacity. Doctors N. H. Short, T. J. Tudor and E. J. Benko will remain with the hospital. Other doctors and surgeons will also be invited to serve on the staff. The present personnel also will remain with the hospital.

Mr. Thomas Gabriele, a resident of Norton, has been appointed as public relations director. One of his duties will be to contact the other hospitals and doctors of this area to promote the maximum service to the public.

The first unit of Norton Clinic opened its doors for reception of patients in April 1938. The second unit opened in 1940. The Hospital Sisters are a group of women who have dedicated their lives to the service of God for the love of God. They work without a salary and put back into the hospital any charge for services for its improvements and for better service to the people. Southwestern Virginia is fortunate that the Sisters have come to this territory. They are in demand because of the devoted care they give to the sick, and because of the high standards which they maintain in their hospitals. They themselves are highly trained and they demand the same of their staffs.

The property purchased consists of the hospital, nurses' home, and a small corner house all on the same plot of ground. The property is less than a block from St Anthony’s Catholic Church. Virginia Avenue front of the property is 260 feet and it extends back 150 feet from the street. The hospital is of red brick construction, designed and built in 1938 Founded by Magdalene Taylor, The Poor Servants of the Mother of God has Hospitals, Schools, and Orphanages.

Last November in 1947, the Poor Servants opened a Convalescent Home in High Point, North Carolina. Father Joseph Dean invited them last April to consider establishing a hospital. in Norton, Virginia. Area served Wise County, Lee, Scott, Dickenson, Buchanan, and Russell Counties, including 2,800 square miles and about 200,000 people. This is the only hospital in this territory planned and built as a hospital, with 42-inch doors, so that regular hospital beds can go through. These beds are mounted on three-inch rubber castors. Patients can and may be taken from the emergency room to operating room and then on to their own room without extra handling. Sometimes this is a life saving measure. You do not find this in any other hospital in this territory. This hospital had the lowest mortality rate per hospital days in the state for 1947. Credit for initiating and completing the entire project is due to Mickey Caruso of Wise County without any personal remuneration.

This article appeared in the Appalachia Independence, Thursday, August 5, 1948


Mother General Visits St. Mary's Hospital


The Mother General of The Order of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God visited both the convalescent home in High Point, North Carolina and St. Mary's Hospital in Norton, Virginia. The Mother General and her assistant traveled to America from London on the Queen Mary, returning August 4, 1949, from New York on the Queen Elizabeth.

St. Mary's Hospital Sr. Anne Christina's Message

1960 Hospital Publications, Inc.

You are most welcome to the best we can give in hospital care while you are here, and we sincerely wish you a complete and speedy recovery. Every effort is made by the Sisters to maintain the highest possible standard of hospital service while endeavoring at the same time to temper efficiency with sympathy and kindness.

You as a patient can help much towards your recovery by co-operating with us, carrying out the doctor's orders and by maintaining a cheerful attitude towards your illness and any discomforts or inconveniences, which you may have to suffer. If you have any legitimate complaints or any suggestions for improvement of our service, we should appreciate making them known to us so that they may have our immediate attention.

This message from Sr. Anne Christina appeared in the 1960 HOSPITAL PUBLICATIONS INC.