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The Stations of the Cross

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About the Exercise of the Stations of the Cross

This devout exercise of the Stations of the Cross helps renew our remembrance of the sufferings which our divine redeemer underwent on his journey from Pilate's guard, where he was condemned to death, to Mount Calvary, where for our salvation he died on the cross.

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Restoring the Plaques

The Plaques of the Stations of the Cross - The Restoration

Denise Gabriele has restored the original 14 Stations of the Cross. The newly restored St. Anthony's Catholic Church Stations of the Cross, took  Denise, 150 Hours to clean, repair, hand paint, and seal all 14 stations.

The stations in our church were plain, carved, yellow-pink, alabaster. Alabaster is a compact, fine-textured, calcite mineral used for carving. It is the same material used in the manufacture of plaster of Paris.

The plaques in St. Anthony's were not painted. They were so dirty we could hardly see what the sculptures represented.




The original stations were carved in 1976 by Gino Ruggeri for Bianchi in Italy. Gino Ruggeri, one of the most well known sculptors in Italy, worked many years for Tito Bianchi in Bianchi's Factory in Tuscany. In 1987 Tito Bianchi sold his factory to the Santini Family. Santini now owns the  rights to most of Gino Ruggeri's works.

Gino Ruggeri

Bianchi Factory

The Stations of the Cross were one of the most challenging things Denise has  done. "Just the emotions of remembering Jesus' journey were both heartbreaking and uplifting." The small detailing of the plaques made them difficult to paint. The inspiration for the color came from a Bible containing paintings from the Vatican Archive.

Denise Ellen Gabriele photographed the fourteen stations and prepared the same scriptural "Way of the Cross" that St. Anthony's Catholic Church uses. If you click on the thumbnail pictures above, they will take you to the enlarged view of the station with the scriptural Stations below each.

After you start the stations, clicking the Next Page button will take you through all 14 stations, plus the opening prayer and the 15th station which includes the Resurrection. Take the journey as often as you want. Through His Passion and The Resurrection our hope and faith are renewed.